Using Redborne Grass Track

Training & Etiquette

1. Before training

Kit, valuables and bikes - Please leave them in the centre of the track well inside Lane 1.

Warm Up - When you get to the track start warming so that by 6:30pm you are warm & ready to start the warm up drills.

Redborne has a huge field - please donít warm up on the inside lane of the track; save the surface for training.  If you must warm up on the track please use the outside Lanes 7 & 8 clockwise.

2. Training

Joining the track - Look down the track before you start a rep or lap.  Always ensure when you start a rep you are not going to suddenly impinge on another group.

Each athlete in the training group should take a turn leading a rep.  All reps should be run in Indian file, ie one athlete behind another.  Try not to run 2 abreast certainly whilst going around the bends.

Overtaking - If you hear an athlete shout "TRACK" it means that you are in the way, so for the sake of safety for all please move out of the oncoming athlete's way Ė they are usually moving faster than you.  General rule is move to the outside.

Finishing a rep - Be aware of who is around you & indicate your intention to step off the track.

Recovery - Inside the track (if safe) so that others can train without the need to dodge around you.

Warm-down - When you have finished training a lap of the field (or few laps of the track - in Lanes 7 & 8 clockwise) will help you to cool down ready to stretch.  If you don't stretch at the track make sure that you do so at home.

3. Next day

Have a day off running or do a different form of exercise; bodies need time to recover and adapt.  If you must run it is probably wise to keep the pace and miles down.

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