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Results Tab 2020

Orienteering in Rowney Warren Wood - Sunday 8 March

Rowney Warren is one of the most technically complex woods for orienterring, with many similar compound valleys & ridges. I did the blue course - 5.1K distance, 175mts climb, with 21 controls to find. But distance is measured as straight line between controls so it's always a bit more. I did about 7.7K - but did know where I was on the map most of the time!

Dave Sedgley- 2:4:59 But was first in M80 class

South Shropshire Circular - LDWA event- Saturday 29 February

This was the most atmospheric event I have ever done. High winds with racing clouds, minutes later bright sun with gently falling snow, followed by dark menacing clouds - then shortly after bright sun again! And more muddy paths than I have ever done in one day!

The route from Minsterley took us first up the iconic Earl's Hill - 230 mts climb straight up from the base. Then south over Lawn Hill & other un-named hills to the 2nd checkpoint in garage of organisers house near Picklescott. From here there was a short option, avoiding the northern end of Long Mynd, which in view of the storm I opted for. Instead we went over the Betchcott Hills into the teeth of the gale, & down Darnford Valley which acted as a wind tunnel as driving hail forced 3 of us to to shelter behind a large oak tree for 15 minutes. A climb over the Ratlinghope hill to 4th checkpoint - then another option to take a lower route to the finish avoiding Stipperstones Hill.

This route was partly marked with tape, but somehow we missed a turn through a gate & found ourselves navigating by map down wet fields & extremely muddy bridleways. I eventually found my way round the eastern edge of a large forest I should have been on the western side of! Then out via a path a foot deep in water, to join others who were on the correct route for the last mile to the hall where we had started from. Looking at the map after I would definitely have been much quicker if I had kept to the easier navigation of the high route!

Dave Sedgley - 21.2 miles, 4,000 ft of climb 8:45

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