Club Meeting Times


Meeting Place





Redborne School, Ampthill, Culcheth Centre (or Flitwick Leisure Centre) See Coaching Schedule


Organized, coach led, session with hills, farlek, intervals etc.

Nice'n'Easy session.

About one hour session with runners split into ability groups using local paths in the Winter and Redborne School running track in Spring/summer months


Redborne School, Ampthill.  Meet in the North car park


Long(er) runs of 10 - 15 km in ability groups as required


Nice'n'Easy Social Runs

Click here for schedule

Ampthill - Flitwick roads in winter.

Local paths/woods in summer.

Typically one hour.

Impromptu Sessions

Sunday 9:00am for social run from The HUB, Ampthill Park


Check the Flyers Group on Facebook to see who is doing what, where and when

General Information

A small, friendly, very active running club based at Redborne School Culcheth Centre, Ampthill. We cater for all abilities from the absolute beginner to the elite distance runner, on road or cross-country.  We also have members who compete in Biathlon/Triathlon and Mountain Biking events .  Current membership is in excess of 300.

Participation in Local and National races:

The club encourages members to participate in local and national races.  Local races include a full range such as 5K, 5 mile and 10K, 6, 10, 15 and 20 miles, half and full marathons. National events that are regularly entered include Great North Run, London Marathon, Grizzly and county, regional & national cross country events.

Hosting Events for Other Runners:

During the course of the year the Club host several events.  In April we organise Flitwick 10K, around the outskirts of Flitwick which regularly attracts close to 1000 runners.  In June we organise Marston Forest 5K, on the paths of the Forest Centre which usually achieves the race limit of 400 runners.  In October, as  precursor to the cross country season we organise the Ampthill Trophy XC in Ampthill \park, consisting of 2 events; a junior race for runners between the ages of 9 and 17 and a main race of approx 8K for runners aged 17 and over.

Social Events:

Social events are advertised in the Club Update, which all members receive regularly, and on the Club Notice Boards.

Cross Country

The Club enters the cross-country league every winter.  The series involves 4 - 6 races during November - February.  Dates are decided as the season approaches after consultation with the host clubs.  Races are over distances of approximately 5 miles and men's and women's races are run together over the same course.  Competitors must be over 16 years of age on the day of the race.

Grand Prix:

The Club runs an internal Grand Prix series throughout the year.  Members are allocated a place in a league with runners of a similar standard.  Points are allocated to all competing runners reflecting their finishing position.  At the end of the year, trophies are award to the winners of each league and adjustments made by promotion and relegation.

Championship Events:

Club Championships are contested during the calendar year over a number of pre-selected events.  Championship distances are 5K, 10K, 10M, half and full marathon.  Any marathon run during the championship year is eligible.  X-Country championships incorporate the league series of events together with the county championships.  Awards are given to winners.

Standard Achievement Levels:

These are designed to encourage all club members to improve.  Using a set of distance/time tables, and taking into account the member's age, Standard Achievement Levels are determined over a variety of racing distances from 100 metres to marathon.

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